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Tendon disorders 
Tendon disorders are medical conditions that result in the tendons not functioning normally. 
Swellings in the wrist and hand are very common. The vast majority are likely to be a ganglion which is a fluid filled cyst and utterly benign. Again a vast majority of ganglia will disappear spontaneously and do not require surgery. More firm lumps may require surgery as they are unlikely to resolve. 
The term arthritis is used to describe an inflamed joint but does not indicate the cause. There are many different types of 'arthritis' including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout which can affect the hand. The commonest by far is osteoarthritis which may be familial or post-traumatic. In the hand the joints most affected are the base of the thumb and the terminal joint of the finger. 
Dupuytren's disease 
Dupuytren's disease affects the hands and can produce contractures of the fingers which interfere with function. It is a benign disease which has no cure as yet. It can affect the hands in many different ways. You can find more information here. 
Tendon injuries 
Tendon injuries are the second most common injury seen in the hand. They are usually caused by a penetrating injury and if not repaired can result in severe functional loss. The tendons on the back of the hand are know as the extensors and those that bend the fingers are called the flexor tendons. 
Hand fractures 
Hand fractures are a common injury. The treatment is generally non-operative but there are certain types of fracture pattern that can only be managed by surgery. You can find more information here. 
Hand joint injuries 
Dislocations and sprains of finger or thumb joints can occur after a fall or whilst playing sport. Acute dislocations need to be reduced as soon as reasonably possilbe. Both injuries often result in stiffness which can take a long time to resolve. 
Finger sprains 
What is a finger sprain ? A sprain refers to an injury to the tissues surrounding and supporting a joint. This includes the ligaments and joint capsule. You can find more information here. 
Finger dislocations 
What is a dislocation ? Dislocation of a joint means that the two surfaces are no longer in contact with each other. This can happen at any joint in the finger or thumb. You can find more information here. 
Nerve injuries 
Nerve injuries in the hand or wrist can result in loss of function and take a long time to recover. Early repair gives the best chance of recovery but depends upon the site of injury and its nature. You can find more information here. 

Information about several hand conditions, provided by the British Society for Surgery to the Hand 

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